Wednesday, October 3, 2012

D52 Review - Mulan

As all of you know, I am a completely perfect individual who never misses a deadline and is timely in every way. However, this movie is so completely forgettable that I really don’t know what to write in this totally-on-time-directly-after-watching-the-film review.

I had only seen bits and pieces of this film beforehand, but for some reason, everyone on the internet is absolutely taken with his film. I’m not kidding, there’s so much love for this film and it follows me all over fandom! Either for the songs, the gender-bending, the film itself, or anything else, and I…just don’t get it.

There are exceptions involved. The song “Reflection” resonates with me a lot (I listened to it a lot around the time I came out of the closet, for added context) and Mulan’s guy voice was kinda sorta hot, but it got old quick. Everything else was just really annoying or forgettable! Even George Takei couldn’t save this film!

I didn’t like Eddie Murphy playing Donkey Prototype, I didn’t like “I’ll Make a Man Out Of You” (and that’s apparently a cardinal sin on the internet, as every single fucking fandom has a fan video set to that song, even TGWTG with Kickassia) I really just don’t care for this movie! I don’t get the hype!

Also, there are actually people out there who think the romance in the movie works! Since he didn’t murder Mulan after he found out she was a woman, that obviously means its twoo wuv and mawwaige is obviously destined. (Have you the wing?)

Nothing about this movie stands out to me. I do not understand how it’s so popular. But it’s just gonna keep chasing me with all its crappy music and fanvids, no matter where I go. (Seriously, EVERY. FANDOM. NO EXCEPTIONS.)

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