Saturday, October 27, 2012

My Job Sucks: How Have You Not Been Fired?

Everybody has that one co-irker who is lazy, unreliable and always screws up, yet somehow manages to keep their job. I am no exception to this rule. Unfortunately, the state the company I work for is in right now is, uh...not good. Here's the run-down as of the state of affairs:

(Computer company) has hired (security company) to - wait for it - provide security officers at their various offices to make sure nobody just walks out carrying a bunch of laptops. (No employee discount is that good, folks. Sad but true.) However, (security company) is really not in good shape. They're extremely desperate for employees, more people are quitting than applying, and the company is losing a ton of money because of all the overtime they're paying out due to the lack of people. (Computer company) is not pleased with (security company) because of this fact.

So, it comes as no real shock to me that this co-irker has not been fired, since they need every single last person on the employee roster to remain working there. I've posted about her before, check the tags and read up about "Cell Phone Girl" for backstory. Why am I posting about this tonight, you may ask? There's been an update in her saga.

She left us with one person to do lobby/patrol duties because she said she had to leave at 9 P.M. She apparently has a second job that she goes to (she only works one day a week at this company, why could you not have planned around this?) and decided not to tell the supervisors ahead of time that she can't work her entire shift, since she was scheduled until 11 PM. The 2nd shift patrol person was relieving Gatehouse and couldn't do jack about it, and had to page a supervisor FOR her to find out what the hell was going on. Co-irker ended up leaving at 10 PM because that was the soonest the patrol person could get to her. I'm honestly questioning the validity of her story.
I really am getting fed-up with her. Thankfully I don't have to work with her much anymore, but she pretty much makes everybody around her pick up the slack. I know the company is hard-up for workers, but seriously: if she's this lazy, is only working one day, can't even be bothered to work the entire shift and is causing this much trouble, it won't make much of a difference whether she comes in and works or not. Fire her to save the money of not having to pay her and hire someone who will actually come in and do some work.

I mean, SHEESH. 

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