Monday, January 7, 2013

New Years Resolutions 2013!

Well, after reading a post from my beloved skox, I have decided to rip off follow his lead and detail my own New Year's resolutions! Because I know all of you have been chomping at the bit to see what I wish to accomplish this year. :)

1. Reading - Well, last year I managed to read 32 books, but I didn't really get started until halfway through the year. This year, I wanna try and read at least 100 books (even though my reading list contains upwards of 200, but I want to try and be semi-realistic) so that I can finally get around to reading things that have been sitting on my shelf for years. They're rather lonely.

2. Writing - I got back into fanfiction in 2012, and I'm undoubtedly having my greatest success with it since I began writing 2001. I don't plan on squandering this bizarre following I've suddenly found myself having, and I'm hoping to keep this storyline I have going and to not panic and withdraw myself from the internet because I'm suddenly overwhelmed by it all. Let's try to keep this creative streak going! I also want to engage in writing for Infinite Mankey Theorem and other things with Jesse, since I know he'll be a great partner in that regard. Just like he's a great partner in every other regard, but I'll elaborate more on that later.

3. See more movies - I recently realized that I have only seen a handful of movies in my lifetime, because a) I don't take as many chances as I should, and b) Sitting in a room watching a film with other people was too much for my socially awkward/ADHD self to take back then. So, this year, I wanna finally get around to watching a bunch of movies that I really should've seen by now, as well as making it out to the new cinema buildings everyone's talking about these days. (I also want to get caught up on TV shows that are actually on television now and stuff, not syndication. So that I can talk to people about it and feel like I'm in the loop.)

4. Social interaction - I made a new friend recently. That makes two, but it's a start! I'm trying to stop hauling up in my room when I'm not at work and not seeing anybody. I'm thinking of attending a convention with them, maybe starting a Dungeons & Dragons campaign, perhaps going LARPing...that's something to be proud of, right? I hope that I keep reaching out to people and have more things to do outside the house in the coming year.

5. Driving - I have always had a mild phobia of driving. I'm 24 and I still do not have my license, and I have an expired permit. I want to try my best to finally get my license this year and be able to approach all these places out of the house that I so long to go to. That's pretty self-explanatory.

6. Moving Out - I had to move back home in 2012 due to monetary complications. Now that I've finally almost fully repaid my parents for what they did for me to bail me out, I really want to get out there again - and do it right this time.

7. Losing Weight - For real this time. I weigh the most I ever have in my entire life, and I really need to start thinking about how I want to get that under control. (Again, it's the law.)

8. Jesse - I have loved Jesse for the last five years. True, I was in a "relationship" for the majority of that time, but that was only due to my own blindness, my unwillingness to see what was being done to me for so long, and also that I really was too cowardly to get out of something I knew was unhealthy. Jesse not only stuck by me that entire time - when anyone else could've thrown me to the wolves, and really should've - but once I finally did get the courage to get out of that bad situation for good, he helped me heal from problems I never fully knew had arisen until I was standing on my own again.

He's done so much to help me, every single day, and I feel horrible for having mistreated him for a large majority of that time. I really do love him, and I always have loved him, more than anything or anyone else. There's no doubt in my mind that I want - no, need him by my side for the rest of my life. So, in 2013, I want us to finally bridge that gap and be together. And then never let thousands of miles separate us ever again. I want to atone for my past behavior and prove to him that the old Taylor is gone and the new Taylor, the real Taylor, is here to stay.

That's all I really have to say. Here's to a new year, and here's to a new me, one who will truly keep all of these goals in mind long after January is over.


  1. I still don't think you ever mistreated me. Don't be so hard on yourself, cupcake. We can do this together!